Pentax tethered capture support plug-in for Lightroom 7 for Mac OS X

The professional's solution for controlling your Pentax digital SLR from a Mac OS X using Lightroom 7 via USB cable.


You could do everything Lightroom 7 can do with all the other supported camera
And even more

Release Shutter

Release shutter from Lightroom panel

Review Settings

Review aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Please note that Lightrom could not control camera settings but could only show them.

View images on iPad

Share images with your clients during the session with our free software.

Plug-in in action

Description of the tethering process with the plug-in

Plug-in in action

Important note

Demo version applies watermarks and force the camera to shoot only JPEG file of a fixed size instead RAW. Full version can work with JPEG and RAW files.

Demo version could not send images to iPad application

The rest functionality of the demo version is exactly the same as licensed one.

You can also try this plug-in by yourself.

Please check the plug-in with your hardware and software before order.

Download demo Order


The list of the options for the tethered capture plug-in


Mac OS X

Requires Mac OS X 10.10 and later versions.


Latest firmware

Please make sure that your camera is using the latest firmware


MSC connection

Please make sure that your camera connected to the computer in MSC mode


The following section will guide you step by step via plug-in working process.

Plug the cord into your camera and your computer and start tethered session in Lightroom (File -> Tethered Capture -> Start Tethered Capture).

We do not recommend to use long cord first time. They could cauuse connection problems.

Please make sure that USB port is working properly.

Switch your camera to MSC mode

Turn on your camera and wait until Lightroom 7 detects select the camera it. Please note that camera may not be initialized before it will be selected from the list.

Review settings of the camera in Lightroom.

Click button in Lightroom or use your camera in order to release the shutter.

Preview will appear on your iPad.

Please make sure that iPad and computer are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You image will appear in Lightroom catalog.

Download a demo version

It’s Better to See Something Once Than Hear About it a Thousand Times.

Free Download


Pricing Table

The plug-in price depends on the usage of the software.

Please check that demo plug-in works for you.

  • Free Demo
  • Could not download raw images
  • Could not work with iPad applicaton
  • Adds watermarks to a downloaded jpeg
  • $54.99 Client
    Multiply users on a single computer
  • Works with RAW and Jpegs
  • 1 copy of the software
  • Unlimited number of users
  • 1 computer
  • $199 Studio
    Unlimited users and any number of computers
  • Works with RAW and Jpegs
  • Unlimited number of copies
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of computers