Sony Alpha DSLR A900, A850, A700 Time-lapse Tool for Windows

Advanced tool for time-lapse capture for Sony Alpha A900, A850 and A700

Time-lapse tool in action

You can see short video with full version of time-lapse utility for Windows.

You can also try this tool by yourself.
Demo version applies watermarks and forces the camera to shoot only
JPEG file of a fixed size instead RAW.
Full version can work with JPEG and both compressed and uncompressed
RAW files (cRaw and Raw ARW files). RAW+JPEG mode is also supported.
Time-Lapse Tool Demo

Using the time-lapse tool

To start time lapse session with your Sony Alpha camera you need to download demo or order a full version the DNA Time-lapse tool and install it.
We are recommending closing any other software while installing and running time-lapse utility. Setup your camera. Select a mode and the settings you are planning to use for your session. Typically you do not need 24mp images for your time-lapse movie. You can choose smallest resolution from the camera. You may need to use DRO+ settings for some scenes. Please pay attention to these settings before starting the session.
Consider to turn the display off to save batteries.
Consider to buy an AC adapter for long time sessions.
Set the camera on a tripod. Make sure it cannot shakes. Turn off image stabilizer (refer camera manual for details).

Plug the cord into your camera and computer and start DNA Time-lapse Session Wizard.
Wizard will guide you through the session creation procedure.
First of all you have to select an appropriate place for your images. Please select the drive with enough space for the planned session. This is really important for full frame cameras.
Select destination path

On the next step you need to select a period of shooting. Just keep in mind that you can delete unnecessary frames but cannot create one. So we think that smaller interval is better for the first attempt. Please do not select too small periods since the system may skip frames due to image transfer time.
You may limit the length of a whole session here. You can specify a limited number of frames to take or limit a time of the session. It is up to you to use or not to use this limits. You can stop your session manually anytime.
Setup period and duraion

You may need to change some camera setting periodically. Just skip this step if you do not need this.
You can specify any combination of settings.
Settigns changes

Turn on your camera and wait a moment. Windows may need some time to detect your camera and install necessary drivers (first time only).
You can review your timeline this time. Return to a previous step if you find any mistakes and correct them.
Review timeline

Your time-lapse session will start. You can review your session stats.
You can stop the session anytime by pressing the cancel button.
Time-lapse session