Pentax and Samsung DSLR tethered capture in Android

Unique solution for controlling your Pentax and Samsung DSLR camera from an Android phone or tablet.

Features list

  • Shutter release
  • Settings monitoring
  • Change shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, flash compensation
  • Review taken image
  • Track image history of a current session. You can view any taken image.
Direct tethered capture in Android

The applciation is not avaliable on Android Market.
You can check functionality in a demo version.
Demo version adds watermarks and not allows to download raw files.

License type Included copies Price Buy
Single user 1 $29.99

Using the application

Plug the cord into your camera and your phone or tablet.
Use OTG (On-The-Go) cable like on the picture below if your tablet don't has USB port. Most OTG cables works with every tablets and phones that supports OTG. But you should make sure that your phone or tablet really supports OTG and exact cable. Some manufacturers sells it's own accessories witch allow to use USB port. Please contact your manufacturer for an additional information.
OTG Cable

Turn on your camera. The following dialog will appear. Select DNA Pentax And Samsung DSLR Tethered Capture from the menu.
The application will be launched.
The mentioned menu will appear every time you'll connect your camera to your phone or tablet. You can avoid this dialog by selecting "Use by default for this USB accessory".
Please note that you will not be able to access your camera as a mass storage device while it controlled
You can change the default action in the future from your device settings.
Select Application Dialog

Check your camera settings. You can change Aperture, Exposure, ISO, Exposure compensation or Flash compensation. Some settings may not reflect it's changes from the camera. It's depended on your camera and it's firmware. Select the setting you want to change from the menu and use plus and minus buttons to change it.
Please note that some changes cannot be changed in some shooting modes
Camera settings

To take a picture you can use cameras shutter button or a shutter button of the application. You can also use your wire remote shutter release RM-S1AM or RMT-DSLR1 as well.
Press the shutter button

Your image will appear in timeline. After a while it will appear in preview pane. The preview will appear almost instantly. The rest of the image data download may take some time. The time is depending on your device speed, flash card speed and selected image type, quality and size. You can scroll images left and right if they will not fits in the screen. To review one of the shoots you can tap on its thumbnail and a larger preview will be loaded. Click "Full Screen" button to review image without other controls.
Tethered capture menu

You can zoom an image and scroll it. By default it fits the screen. You can use corresponding buttons to zoom an image in and out. You can return to the main view by tapping the "Close" button.
Review image