Sony Alpha SLT A99 tethered capture support plug-in for Lightroom 4 for Mac OS X

The professional's solution for remotely controlling your Sony Alpha digital SLR from a Mac OS X using Lightroom 4 via USB cable.

Features list

  • Release shutter from Lighroom 4
  • Review aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • View images on iPad during the shoot (not available in personal version)

You can also try this plug-in by yourself.
Demo version apply watermarks and force the camera to shoot only
JPEG file of a fixed size instead RAW.
Full version can work with JPEG and both compressed and uncompressed
RAW files (cRaw and Raw ARW files). RAW+JPEG mode is also supported.
Mac OS X Demo

Using the plug-in

To start using your SLT-A99 camera with Lightroom 4 you need to download a demo version or order a full version of the plug-in.

Installation is simple and fast.

We are recommending to close Lightroom before installation.
Plug the cord into your camera and computer and start tethered session in Lightroom (File -> Tethered Capture -> Start Tethered Capture).
Tethered capture menu

Turn on your camera and wait a moment. Lightroom 4 will detect the camera and selects it.
Select a camera from drop down list

Check you camera settings At this moment you can launch you copy of iAlpha Remote on your iPhone or iPad. Please make sure that your Alpha Remote Server software is not active. The plug-in will work as a server. The server will be avaliable while the tethered session active. Follow this link for more details.
Check camera settings

Now it's time to press a shutter button. You can use Lightroom 4 of camera to release shutter. You can also use your remote control unit RMT-DSLR1 or RM-L1AM or Alpha Remote.
Press the shutter button

Your image will appear in Lightroom catalog.
Tethered capture menu

Or on iPad of your clients or students. Here is the Remote Image Viewer that should be installed on iPad.

Please make sure that iPad and PC connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

This application cannot be used with personal license.

iPad Screen