Embed GPS data into Sony Alpha raw file (ARW)

DNA Software would like to offer you software to geotag ARW files. For you convenience we made this software as a wizard. This wizard can read GPX track data points find most closed point to a given ARW file and embed found position into ARW file.

GPX track is a file that contains positions that GPS hardware periodically picks and writes to a file. Some GPS loggers use other file formats. Most of them can be converted to GPX. GPX tracks can be produced by wide range of GPS trackers. Most modern mobile phones can track GPS location and write it into GPX track. Most probably you can find free GPX track recorder for you smartphone if it has GPS receiver.

You can use free DNA GPX Recorder with your iPhone to record the GPS position.

You can find a software that able to embed GPS coordinates into ARW but in some cases the color data will be damaged in some raw processors i.e. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. This software use different method to store the data. This method not changes image data at all.

GPS Wizard demo (Windows platform)