Control your Sony Alpha DSLR from Android phone.

Features list

  • Release shutter remotely
  • Review camera settings remotely
  • Change shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, flash compensation
  • Preview taken image
  • Track image history of a current session. You can view any taken image.
Alpha Remote in action

Using Alpha Remote

To control your camera from iPhone you need the following:
  • Sony Alpha A900, A850 or A700
  • Android phone or tablet
  • Alpha Remote application order page.
  • Computer to connect camera to
  • Server software
  • Wi-Fi connection
Demo version avaliable on Android market Android Marke QR code

You need a computer to control your Sony Alpha DSLR with this application. We have another application for direct tethered shooting.
Unpack your copy of the server software and install it.
Install sever software and run it. Allow server to listen to incoming connections. Firewall prompt should appear after first application launch on Windows platform. Correct destination path to download images to.
Connect your camera to a computer.

Please make sure that your camera in Remote PC connection mode.
Check that your Android phone or tablet is able to connect to your computer via Wi-Fi.
Launch your copy of Alpha remote from home screen or all apps launcher. Application propt for a server to connect to. Specify a computer name or IP address. The port field is already filled and should not be changed in most cases.
Initial view

To change the setting you can use "-" and "+" button on the bottom part of the screen. You can select the settings to control from the spinner between the mentioned two buttons.
Setting selection

Press shutter release button on the bottom-left of the screen to take a shoot. The images that were taken during this session will appear on the bottom of the main screen.
Image filmstrip

You can scroll images left and right if they will not feet in the screen. To review one of the shoot you can click one of them. The following screen will appeared
Review image

You can zoom an image and scroll it. By default it fits the screen. Use the buttons to zoom image. You can return to the main view via "Close" button.