My camera is not appeared in drop down menu

Solution 1

Make sure you have an appropriate camera. Only Sony ILCE A7, A7R, Sony Alpha SLT A99, DSLR A700, A850 or A900 can be controlled.
Nex and other SLT cameras (including A77 and A65) cannot be controlled at this moment. We will update a list if we will find a way to control any other cameras.

Solution 2

Make sure that your camera in Remote PC mode.
Remote PC Mode in DSLR A99

Remote PC Mode in DSLR A850

Solution 3

Check if the DNA tethered support plug-in is installed.
  • Open plug-in the manager window
  • Look thru the list on the left of the plug-in manager window.
  • Check that "DNA Tether Plugin" exists in the list.
  • Reinstall the plug-in if its name is absent in the list
  • Register it manually if Ligthroom cannot see it even after reinstallation of the plug-in.
    The plug-in located in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Lightroom/Modules/
  • Contact us if the previous step not helps.

Solution 4

Check if the DNA tethered support plug-in is enabled. Sometime Lightroom disables plug-ins without any reason. This can be done without notification.
  • Open plug-in the manager window
  • Check that "DNA Tether Plugin" have a green mark left to its name.
  • If the plug-in is not enabled you should enabled it manually by selecting it in the list and press Enable button right to it
  • Reload Lightroom

Solution 5

Sometime operation system loose Alpha camera and cannot work with it. The camera warns you about this situation on its back screen.
  • Turn off the camera
  • Disconnect it from the computer
  • Turn off the computer. It is important to turn the computer of but not to restart it.

Please contact us via the following form if provided solution doesn't help.

Operation system