Control your Sony A99, A7 and A7R DSLR from iPhone or iPod.

Features list

  • Release shutter remotely
  • Review camera settings remotely
  • Change shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure compensation, flash compensation
  • Preview taken image
  • Track image history of a current session. You can view any taken image.

Using iAlpha Remote

To control your camera from iPhone you need the following:
  • Sony Alpha A99, A7 and A7R
  • iPad or iPad mini
  • iAlpha Remote application App Store link.
  • Computer to connect camera to
  • Lightroom plug-in for A99, A7 or A7R or a standalone server software that can be ordered separately on this page.
  • Wi-Fi connection

License type Included copies Price Buy
Standalone server software for Mac OS X 1 $19.99
Standalone server software for Windows 1 $19.99

Windows note: Please make sure that your have installed Bonjour service. It can be present in the system if you use iTunes. You can download a copy here. Please check that you have a latest version of Bonjour.
Please make sure that your bonjour service is not blocked by windows firewall or third party protection software. This can happened if you installed bonjour with iTunes.
Your router may have an option to support Bonjour service as well. Please check for information on its manufacturer site.
You may be sure that everything configured properly if you are able to use iTunes Remote app.

Mac OS X note: please check for software update and install all the latest updates before installing the server part or the plug-in. Install sever software or a plug-in and run it. Allow server to listen to incoming connections. Firewall prompt should appear after first application launch on Windows. Correct destination path to download images to.
Connect your camera to a computer.

Please make sure that your camera in Remote PC connection mode.
Check that your iPad is able to connect to your computer via Wi-Fi.
Launch your copy of iAlpha remote HD A99 from springboard. Application will ask you to select a server to connect to. Select a server from the list. The following screen should appear:
Initial view

To change each setting via a "-" and "+" button on the right of an appropriate setting name.
Press the "Release shutter" button to take a shoot. You can release a shutter via camera button or infrared or cable remote control as well. All the images that were taken during this session will appear on the bottom part of the main screen.
Image filmstrip

You can scroll thumbnails left and right if they will not feet in the screen. To review one of the shoots you can tap on it and larger preview will be loaded.
Review image

You can zoom an image and scroll it. By default it fits the screen. You can use standard iOS gestures to zoom in and out the image. You can return to the main view by tapping the "Done" button.