Request server for iAlpha Remote

You can only request server if you own a legal license for iAlpha Remote or iAlpha Remote HD.

Standalone server for iAlpha Remote HD A99 cannot be requested and not available yet.
You should provide your purchase date of iAlpha Remote or iAlpha Remote HD, your operation system, your name and e-mail to request the software. We will not respond in other case.
iAlpha Remote Free cannot work with this server. You can request your copy of iAlpha Remote Free server here
Operation system
App Store order date
 I have a legal copy of the iAlpha Remote or iAlpha Remote HD (not iAlpha Remote Free) and provided a correct date of it's purchase.

This is not a redirect form. The request will be manually validated in App Store. We will reply via e-mail if the purchase will be confirmed. It will take as up to two day after an application purchase to validate a request. Older requests will be processed in 24 hours